Biology and Ecology

Welcome to Ms. Fallica’s Biology Class!

While we are out of school, it is important that you continue learning! MCAS is still coming, and there are specific things you need to learn to move up to the next grade.  You can continue looking here for updated assignments and work that you should be doing on your own.

3/18/20-3/27/20:  Cell Division and Mitosis Continued

Explore Learning

Mitosis and Cell Division Videos:

Pearson Realize Assignments:

Log in at the Pearson Realize website and click on “classes.” You will see these activities listed in your assignments page.  Remember to look under the “in Progress” tab if you start something and have to go back to it later.   Also, don’t forget to turn in work as you complete it.

  1. Simulation: Exploring the Cell Cycle
  2. Foundations (Page 132-133 only)
  3. Mitosis Quiz (finish all of the mitosis and cell division work first)


3/25/20-4/3/20:  DNA Structure



  • DNA-Worksheet
  • dna_coloring: If you have a printer, print this out and color it using the code. If you don’t have a printer, do your best to draw it and color it.  Answer the questions on the second page.

Explore Learning:

  • ExploreLearning_Building DNA worksheet: follow the directions on the worksheet to use the gizmo, and answer the questions for each activity.

Pearson Realize Assignments:

  • Interactivity: DNA Structure
  • Interactive Video: Analyzing DNA structure
  • Quiz: The structure of DNA

Remember: take a picture of your completed work and share it with me on the google drive: or email it to me, so I can give you feedback.

Return to this page on 4/6/20 to see next week’s assignments:


DNA Replication


  • Read Chapter 13.3 in Pearson and take two-column notes.
  • Answer the 13.3 Lesson Review questions and the reading checks in the e-text.
  • DNA Replication Guided Notes















Old Work:

Intro to body systems webquest

blood type lab report template