Marine Biology

Grade 11 and 12 students,

Please follow the schedule I present to you below.  It can be easy to forget how to do certain skills if you aren’t practicing them.  You all have a textbook at home.  If, for some reason, you do not have your textbook, I am attaching pdf versions of the chapters you need.

3/18/20-3/20/20: Chapter 7-Cnidarians

  1. Make sure that your section reviews are finished.  This was a graded assignment before school was cancelled, and you now have an opportunity to make sure that is done.
  2. Complete the chapter 7 review pp189-192
  3. Watch Vicious Beauties
  4. Answer video questions: vicious beauties questions


3/23/20-4/3/20: Chapter 9 – Mollusks

  1. Read Section 1: Bivalves and make two column notes
  2. Complete the 9.1 Section Reviews
  3. Repeat for section 2: Gastropods
  4. Repeat for section 3: Cephalopods
  5. Repeat for section 4: other mollusks
  6. Create a top-down web (creating-topic-web)
  7. Complete the chapter 9 review

Extended Closure:

4/14/20 Webinar

Dolphin Echolocation and Communication

Watch the webinar and write ten facts about the following:

  • Dolphins
  • Being a Marine Biologist
  • Dr. Martin’s experience